Google Review Coaching Leads AlaCOMP to a 4.9-Star Rating

By Maghen Barranco

Stamp's social media assessment and planning program led to coaching AlaCOMP on how to improve their Google Reviews. Our efforts helped them achieve a 4.9-star rating after a few short months.

Google Review Coaching Leads AlaCOMP to a 4.9-Star Rating


Stamp was engaged by AlaCOMP for social media assessment and planning services. During our initial consultations with them regarding their social media presence, we explained the importance of and growing need for them to start getting Google Reviews for their business.


At the time we began our social media consulting, AlaCOMP had no Google reviews at all. After a few months devoted to this effort, they received their first review and it was not good. This became the catalyst for implementing a “program” that their employees could execute in order to get more (ideally positive) reviews and increase their overall star rating.


Since AlaCOMP works with both insurance agents and insured businesses, we created a two-fold approach to getting more reviews. Firstly, the AlaCOMP Claims department would ask for a review from the insurance agents over the phone once a claim was completed. Secondly, AlaCOMP’s Loss Control department was to ask for a review in person at the end of a walk-through or training session with an insured business. Both departments would follow up via email with the agent or insured business within 24 hours, thanking them for their business and asking once more for a review with a link to the Google review page included.

Most importantly, we made sure that there was someone in charge of monitoring the Google reviews on a weekly basis in order to respond to each one that was posted. This allowed AlaCOMP to rectify any issues or bad reviews in a timely manner should that need arise. Fortunately, AlaCOMP started to receive glowing reviews near-weekly.

At this time, they have fifty reviews on Google and a 4.9-star rating, with most reviews mentioning an employee by name along with specific comments about how AlaCOMP helped their business.