• Rebrand? How To Know When It’s Time.

    Rebrand? How To Know When It’s Time.

    Camille says… A new brand is a major undertaking and makes everything you use obsolete. So why would you choose to do this? Because a rebrand at the right time for the right reasons can transform your organization. Learn what some of those reasons are and some of the steps you should take before you begin a rebranding effort. Read time: 2 minutes


  • Protecting Service Provider Brands

    Protecting Service Provider Brands

    David says… A 2-minute conversation with intellectual property attorney LaConya Murray, discussing why professional service providers should protect their brand with a trademark. View time: under 2 minutes


  • Importance of a Brand Standards Manual

    Importance of a Brand Standards Manual

    Leigh says… A brand standards manual (also known as a brand book, guide, or bible) guides anyone in the use of your brand messaging and appearance across all platforms. It plays an important role in protecting the outward appearance of your brand—it tells your company story so your employees and vendors know what you stand for and how you should be perceived. Read time: 7 minutes